Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Transportation:
Domestic and Foreign- Commercial and Private Certifications Assistance

Expertise in filing and obtaining certifications with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and United States Department of Transportation (US DOT) for:

  • FAR 135 Air Carrier Certificate
  • FAA Part 125 Operations Certificate
  • FAR 91 Subpart K Fractional Ownership
  • FAR 145 Foreign and Domestic Repair Stations
  • FAA 129 – Foreign Air Carrier Operations
  • US DOT Part 380 Public Transport Operations
  • US DOT 375 – Limited Foreign Air Carrier Operations
International Bi-Lateral Agreement Services:
Countries outside of the USA often lack the agreements between their respective country and the USA to fly Commercial Services. We steward those agreements into existence via US Department of Transportation approved channels and existing professional relationships

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