Aircraft Registration Services

Agent for Service provides our Clients specialized aviation services including managing documentation and procedures for Aircraft Registration, purchase and sale.

We have extensive experience assisting Registering Aircraft with:

United States Federal Aviation Administration

2-Reg; Bailiwick of Guernsey

Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands

San Marino Aviation Registry

Bermuda Director of Civil Aviation

Isle of Man Aircraft Registry

Aircraft registration can be a tedious procedure. To help our Clients minimize inconvenience, Agent for Service will provide guidance with:

  • Providing recommendations for Confidential Ownership Structuring
  • Liaising with the registration authorities;
  • Facilitating finance arrangements;
  • Structuring a tax efficient solution for asset protection;
  • Providing delivery advice on VAT and customs duties;
  • Finding appropriate aircraft insurance;
  • Appraisals, acquisitions and sales


Aircraft Owners retain a high degree of confidentiality and potential tax savings by strategically arranging the ownership of their aircraft through key international Trust Structures. Agent for Service provides consulting on Trust Structures intended to maximize Confidentiality and Tax advantages.


Agent for Service provides consultant information for:

  • Obtaining corporate ownership;
  • Obtaining statutory management;
  • Appointment of an agent and manager;
  • Airworthiness Certificate processing/renewal.

With Agent for Service’s depth of history consulting International Aviation Aircraft Acquisitions it is important to find the best financing source. We have strategic contacts with international banks and lending institutions to assist you purchase with the best and most competitive rates.

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